Etichete: titularul de dish săpun, săpun coș, detergent de vase titular, Ieftine titularul de dish săpun, De înaltă Calitate coș săpun, China detergent de vase titularul Furnizori.

95.24lei 190.43lei
  • In stoc
  • r9704

  • Numărul De Model: G1802-1
  • Tip: Săpun
  • detergent de vase titularii: titularul de dish săpun de montare pe perete
  • Nume De Brand: Gappo
  • titularul de dish săpun: săpunieră baie
  • Antena Material: Din Oțel Inoxidabil
  • săpunieră baie CUTIE: metal săpunieră baie
  • Titularul De Finisare De Suprafață: Din Oțel Inoxidabil

  • Greutate Pachet: 0.7kg (1.54lb.)
  • Tip De Unitate: Set
  • Dimensiunea Pachetului: 15cm x 15cm x 10cm (5.91in x 5.91in x 3.94in)

excellent quality. recommend.
Ciro 413
freestuff first. here i lucky dreamed about i true friend, but on the first time and gift is very nice. have all the time will be honest difficulties. and has not vote thrust months after won отчаялся, rare заходить started, here one day, winner очередным saw has a message i will randomly draw) 61копейку appears very hard to pay, through any phone, other payment through none impossible rub threshold 10 min, привязывать to. well here these difficulties behind, waiting for sitting, pass,. i do not to write seller has forgot to leave feedback gift and no, second pass, неладное something i feel, разбираться started, it turns and address is on the month have package mail mail, not my and has the tomorrow will back, fast and took собрался) black tight packed in, brand inside carton. is made of steel soap weight 480 grams, quality is very)))

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